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Executive Search and Talent Acquisition

At SkyWater, we understand the unique challenges created by vacant senior positions. This isn’t about filling a job. This is about bringing a new voice into an established leadership team. Searching for the right skills and right background just isn’t enough. This is a search for the perfect fit.

SkyWater executive searches begin with a thorough understanding of the short and long-range goals for the position. They dig deeper than resumes and interviews, matching company vision to candidate values, organizational mission to career aspirations, and corporate culture to individual work style. And they end with the right hire.

The experts at SkyWater Executive Search have partnered with some of the country’s most successful Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies, helping them successfully build their senior leadership teams.

A Unique Matching Process

Our multi-level matching process brings you only those candidates who are ready to make a positive, long term impact on your business.

Powerful, proven, and unique in this industry, our approach starts with you: your vision, brand, market, current senior management make-up, and requirements for the new hire. From there, we reach out to our vast network of professional connections, identifying those candidates best qualified to get a closer look. We evaluate how closely each individual’s needs, work styles, and career aspirations fit your organization. And we find those few who truly have what you need. These are the real contenders. These are the candidates worth your consideration. These are the people who are best poised to help lead your business forward.

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